ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE with a deluxe day planner calendar reminding you of the most important tasks every single day! Use it as your mind-map to prioritize your work obligations, as your vision board to stay focused on your work or workout goals, as a gratitude journal that will fill you with positive energy or as your reflection calendar for your revitalizing meditation.

NEVER LEAVE FOR TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY! You can now avoid procrastination that stands in your way for getting your goals! Plan the workout sessions in the gym, the art or music lessons of you or your little angels, organize the daily material for your studies and never run after project deadlines again! Organize yourself & lead a happier life!

MEET YOUR FULL POTENTIAL in your work, personal and leisure activities! Follow the steps of this proven-efficient organizing calendar that helped so many accomplished professionals make the most of their efforts! Enjoy the countless benefits of proper time management and find the time to give in to your vitamin activities, while you excel in your studies or work!

ECO-FRIENDLY ORGANIZING PERFECTION! We are treating you to full 315 pages of thick 100gsm paper for your planning purposes, 365 daily, 52 weekly 12 monthly planner pages. All in a compact, handy and easily carried pocket organizer journal, with premium leatherette hard cover and a reinforced pen holder. The ultimate life planner for men & women of all ages!

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