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Dunamis Posture Corrector For Men & Women

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The Premium Dunamis back brace is made from stretchy, moisture wicking material that conforms to your body. Simply put the poster belt on like a jacket and fasten the waist belt and reinforcing band around your torso. Adjust the elastic straps so your shoulders are slightly pulled back and your posture is straightened. If you are between sizes, size down for best results. Dunamis Posture corrector helps you to stand tall, confident and proud. Adjustable to your body needs. Discreet and comfortable under your clothes. Comfort all day long. Alleviate your back pains that restrict your mobility. Take the pressure off your neck, shoulders and back muscles while you are seated. Align your spine, helping you stand tall and confident. If you are struggling with computer back, text neck, or chronic shoulder pain, our upper and lower back brace can help you find relief. In addition to realigning your spine and muscles, the posture trainer helps prevent conditions like scoliosis, kyphosis, and other painful back issues.
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